Writing and Poetry Workshop Sessions:
Deb’s workshop sessions for juniors and intermediates focus on the creation of stories or poetry. She eagerly shares the trials and tribulations of an author’s life, reading from her children’s poetry books and novels and touching on subjects such as the stories behind the stories, where to find ideas for poems and stories, and how to trigger the writing process. She also provides a wealth of tips on writing and editing in order to create your very best story. Students learn about the many techniques that authors use in the writing process. They will be encouraged to produce some written material during the sessions, so notebooks and pencils are required.

Speaking Engagements

Deb Loughead reads from her books and speaks regularly at women’s clubs, conferences and writing groups on a variety of themes relating to the writing life. Some possible topics:

The Stories of Our Lives: discovering and sharing your own personal stories

Stories Lost and Found: how simple objects can trigger the best story ideas

Story Starters: the building blocks for stories

Roots and Wings: a brief history of one writer’s creative life

Drama workshops

Deb enjoys working with students through the process of developing ideas for a play, then writing and producing it.

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