Awards & Publications


Canadian Children’s Book Centre Best Books Spring 2018, Payback

Canadian Children’s Book Centre Best Books Fall 2015, Rise of the Zombie Scarecrows

Resource Links ‘The Year’s Best’ 2013, Caught in the Act

YALSA Quick Picks nominee 2013, Sidetracked

Junior Library Guild Selection, Fall 2011, Just Run

Canadian Children’s Book Centre Best Books 2011, Struck

Canadian Children’s Book Centre Best Books 2009 / Amelia Bloomer Project List 2010 Cleavage: Breakaway Fiction for Real Girls

Resource Links ‘The Year’s Best’ 2010 / Canadian Children’s Book Centre, Best Books 2012, The Snowball Effect

Resource Links Best Books 2008, Cleavage: Breakaway Fiction for Real Girls

Resource Links Best Books 2001, The Twisting Road Tea Room

Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick Literary Competition 2004, 2nd prize, Children’s category, Narrative poem, “It Happened”
Published by Scholastic Canada for their ‘Literacy Place for the Early Years’ program, Fall 2006, retitled, “The Thing I Saw Last Night”.

Great Canadian Story Contest: Small Miracle, Shortlisted, Summer 2006

Scarborough Arts Council Full Circle Poetry Competition 2005
Third prize, “Dried Flowers”

Canadian Children’s Book Centre Choices:
All I Need and Other Poems for Kids, 2000

A Pocketful of Rocks, 2001

A Pocketful of Fur, 2003

John Spencer Hill Award–first prize, 2000, Like Smoke–Short adult fiction, the Valley Writers’ Guild

The Sean Ryan Children’s Fund annual poetry competition, 1999, Special Prize, Childhood Category,  The Evidence of Your Childhood


Seagulls (poem)
Chirp Magazine, June 2001

My Tropical Beach (poem)
Chirp Magazine, June 2002

On My Way (poem)
Chirp Magazine, November 2003

A Sunny Land (poem)
Chirp Magazine, June 2004

The Kids are All Right (article)
The Lazy Writer, Fall / Winter 1999

The Year in Children’s Literature (article)
Write Magazine, Yearbook 2001

Sand Dancing (adult short story)
Ottawa At Home, September 2004

The Ship’s Whistle (BC Ferries, 2002)

Poetricks (poem riddles)
Toronto Star, Starship, October, November, December 1992

Relating Column
Toronto Star, December 1992

The Garbage Beast (poem)
Computer Keyboarding, Copp Clark Longman Ltd., 1994

Winter Morn / I’ve Watched the Wind (poems)
The Atlantic Advocate, Dec. 1981, July 1982

There’s Lots to do Around Town
Sunday Sun, Nov. 1983

poems, stories, articles, crafts
Spires Magazine, associate editor, 1980 – 1995

Like Smoke (adult short story)
The Grist Mill, 2001

Stink Stank Stunk
An Early Worm Got Out of Bed And Other Poems to Read Out Loud, Scholastic Canada Ltd., 2007

Make A Dragon Puppet
Let’s Celebrate, Scholastic Canada Ltd., 2007

Birchwood East
Tower Poetry, Summer Edition, 1999

Stories: Lost and Found (article)
The Canadian Writer’s Guide, 13th edition, Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2003

The Handyman’s Friend (adult short story)
The Lazy Writer, spring 1999

Sand Dancing / Breaking Tradition / Room for Uncle Clive / Counter Swipes / Like Smoke / Small Miracle (adult short stories)
Storyteller Magazine, 1996 – 2006

Your Child’s Body Image (co-written with Jocelyn Shipley)
ParentsCanada, Winter 2007/08

Chendra’s Journal
Scholastic Canada, 2008

Mystery of the Serpent Ring
Scholastic Canada, 2008

Director’s Journal
Scholastic Canada, 2009

Case File 070504-RRH
Scholastic Canada, 2009

Writer’s Block (stage play)
Scholastic Canada, 2009

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  1. Hi Deb,
    Were some of the horsephotos taken at the Dominion Experimental Farm in Ottawa? I visited with Lisa in July, and the buildings look a bit familiar.

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