Gypsy Luna, the tuxedo cat chilling in a laundry basket. Once in a while she tiptoes into my office to keep me company when I write. When she isn’t going bonkers chasing shadows all over the house, that is!

Early on cold winter mornings when it’s still dark out and I’m reading poetry by the fire, sometimes the Cleo Pickle dog keeps me company and tries to read over my shoulder while she hogs the whole sofa ūüôā





My riding dream came true in March when I visited Camelot Farm on St. Helena Island in South Carolina. . The two-hour Coastline ride, on a Tennessee Walking Horse named Wizard, was spectacular.  Terry led the ride out astride Grady.  I was second in line, followed by Howdy and Shoes.

Live Oaks draped with Spanish moss hemmed the sunlit trail.¬† We passed an original plantation house, quaint seaside cottages, and vast salt marshlands.¬† Finally we reached the beach, a long stretch of gleaming white sand, lapping tide, and whispering seagrass. The wind ruffled¬†Wizard’s mane¬†as he lowered his head for a drink from the ocean…wish I could do it every day!

Feel free to ride along by following¬†my journey in pictures…






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