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  1. Dear Deb Loughead,
    The reason I love your book called The Snowball Effect is because it talks about how Dylan and his friends cause a car accident when they throw a snowball at a car window. Then the police came and thought Dylan and his friends were the hero, but they didn’t tell the truth. So Dylan was scared that he was going to jail by causing the accident and he didn’t tell the truth . On Christmas Day Dylan went to tell the adult the truth that he caused the accident. Dylan said “sorry” about the accident. The adult said “ it was the best Christmas gift ever,” so then Dylan never lied because if he did he would be in big trouble.
    These are some questions I have: Why did Dylan go tell the truth? Why didn’t he tell the police that it was him and his friends? Why did he cause the accident?
    Your book is the best. It talks about a lesson, and the style of the cover was cool . How can children imitate Dylan? I think by never telling lies Where did you get the idea of the book? It teaches me to never lie to my family, friend and adults. It could cause a problem and with one lie that will turn to another lie and it could hurt someone.
    Sincerely, Julian Pozos C

    • Hi Julian,
      Thanks for your awesome comments! Good questions, too.
      Dylan threw the snowball because he wanted to be cool and do what his friends were doing, which isn’t always a good idea, is it? He didn’t mean to cause the accident, and was sorry right after it happened, which is why he went under the bridge to see if he could help. He was afraid to tell the truth to the police, which was a mistake as well. And after he became a ‘hero’, he felt guilty, and decided to try and right all his wrongs as best he could with everyone in town who thought he’d done a heroic deed. The inspiration came from an incident in a town north of Toronto. Some boys I know were egging cars and thought they’d get away with it. A police officer, with his dog, followed their footsteps in the snow…right up to their back door. Always better to think hard before doing something that might be a huge mistake…I’m sure Dylan would agree!

  2. Dear Deb Loughead,
    My favourite part of your book “Swimming Lessons” was when Steve was scared to go in the water but then was brave at
    the end.”Swimming Lessons” was a great book too.My class loved it as well and I loved all the details in it.Although,
    “Swimming Lessons” had a lot of mistakes in it. My class and I were wondering if you did it on purpose to teach us
    about not making writing mistakes on a our language paragraphs. Bye and once again, “Swimming Lessons” was
    Sincerely, Ryan Joceth

    P.S. PLS Write Back

    • Hi Ryan,
      I’m so glad that you and your class liked my novel. I had such fun writing it. Steve is the name of my youngest son, who is going to be 30 years old in June. I wrote this book when he was quite young. By the way…he was never afraid of the water like this Steve is!!

      I didn’t realize that there are spelling errors in the book!! I sure didn’t put them in! Could you please tell me what pages they’re on? I’m busy working on a new novel right now and I don’t have time to look for them. I hope you get a chance to read “Science Fair” and “School Trip”, the next two Scholastic books about Steve and his friends! Happy reading!
      (What’s the name of your school? Are you in the Ottawa Carleton board in the Ottawa Valley?)
      Deb L.

  3. deb loughead I have seen your book “swimming lessons” and I really enjoyed it with my class.But we’ve seen lots of spelling mistakes I the book. I’m looking forward to more of your fantastic books.

    • Hi Abigail,
      Are you in the same class as Ryan is, because he wrote to me about the spelling errors as well. I didn’t put any spelling errors in my story, so please point them out to me in your reply!!
      I have lots of books you will like. If your teacher gets in touch with me I can send her some to read to the whole class. Are you in Grade Three?
      Have fun and happy reading!!
      Deb Loughead

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