Fan Mail

I was thrilled to receive some fan mail today from a school that I recently visited for a Family Literacy event.  Trust me, it’s uplifting for an author to be appreciated in this way, to know that what they spoke about at one of their author visits actually inspired some of the students.  That’s always the goal, of course.  But these days kids have so many technological distractions, that it’s not always easy to make an impact when your topic is that most antiquated of subjects, books and how you’re inspired to write them.

Here’s a sample letter:  “Dear Deb, Thank you for your time and effort to come to our school and present your books to us.  They were very interesting.  You inspired me because I don’t like reading or writing but, when I heard your life story I began to think about becoming a writer.  I really like your books.  So I’m going to read a lot and expand my imagination. Thank you so much.             Yours truly, Claudia B.

And another:  Dear Debra, Thank you very much for your excellent and great presentation today. I found it very inspirational. I actually wanted to become an author ever since I was little and I have wrote some homemade books. I think when I am older I will become a graphic novel writer since I’m very into comic books.  Again, thank you very much for your great performance and I hope many children are inspired by you.                                                                         Keep up the work!  Ryan F.

And one more: Dear Deb, Thank you for writing books because I love them. You inspire me to read more and thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share your story and one more thing you rock.                                       Yours truly, Mackenzie P.

This sort of bonus is what makes my career totally worthwhile.

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